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Leading Online Problem Solving (ENG)Training

Leading Online Problem Solving

You solve problems together and preferably in a session with those involved in the same room. In your role as Problem Solver or RATIO facilitator you are responsible for the process, the logic, the structure and also for the group dynamics. You have a great influence on the result when you effectively organize and lead the session(s)  

When not all participants can be physically present at a session, sessions must be held online (partly or completely). That brings quite a few challenges.

Another View of leading sessions

The two main differences between a physical and an online session are the lack of body language and the lack of a common physical space. In this training we will dive into the impact of this and you will get practical tools to deal with this difference effectively.

Practical approach

In this training we share our years of experience with online sessions. Topics we cover:
  • Organizing an online session (technical resources and online environment)
  • Online meeting facilities (chat function, mute, digital pointing)
  • Facilitating an online session (dealing with the 2 major differences with physical sessions)
  • Group dynamics online (interventions with your voice, separation of roles, energy)
  • RATIO Template (tips & tricks to quickly create an Event Map in Excel)

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to facilitate online Problem Solving sessions. The training is aimed at people who have already followed a CoThink Problem Solving training, such as iRCA, iPSDM, Next Level Major Incident & Problem Solving or the RCA Facilitator training. If you do not have that background, but you still want to participate, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How we deliver this training

We provide this training in a 3-hour online session. In this interactive training session we mix tips & tricks, experience, theory and concepts with practical exercises. In the agenda you can find the scheduled dates of the online sessions (open registrations). Do you prefer an adapted variant for your company? Please contact us for the in-company possibilities.

Why CoThink

  • More direction, more structure, more results
  • Learn from highly experienced facilitators
  • Proven method, immediately applicable


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terug naar de training

Call or email us to discuss the training options for this Leading Online Problem Solving training.

The classroom group size is 12 participants per training and with 8 participants for online training.

The training costs € 175 (ex. VAT).

You can follow the training both in-company and via the online open registration. Choose what you prefer, there is a Dutch and English variant.

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